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oliversl 11-23-03 03:32 AM

PCMark 2004 en 3 days?
Hi all,
There is a pop-up in www.futuremark.com with a counter to PCmark 2004.
It seems that the launch date is nov-26

Any news about it?

saturnotaku 11-23-03 08:04 AM

PC Mark and 3D Mark are two different programs. One is an overall system benchmark (like Sandra) the other is strictly for graphics.

BTW, someone needs to move this to the benchmark forum.

ragejg 11-23-03 10:21 AM



oliversl 11-23-03 03:14 PM

Ooops, sorry about posting in the wrong forum.

oliversl 11-23-03 03:20 PM

Ok, Its a typo. I really mean PCMark2004.
(that why you should never post a thread before going to bed ;-) )

Anyway, I think it will be released on:
25-nov-2003 1400hs GMT
based on the counter and my watch stopwatch, jeje

Saud 11-25-03 08:33 AM

Dudes!! It's out go get it!!!

oliversl 11-25-03 04:09 PM


Originally posted by Saud
Dudes!! It's out go get it!!!
Oh yea, downloading!!!

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