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nece228 01-03-14 11:49 AM

Disable Vsync system wide?
No matter if i have unchecked option in nvidia-settings, my compositing manager still doesnt tear. I would like to disable it completely, because of that my gnome 3 performance suffers (when i move windows the window lags behind mouse cursor), and mutter doesnt have any option to disable vsync by its own. So since by default nouveau doesnt have vsync on, I do get tearing in gnome 3, but the performance is very good, and since tearing doesnt bother me much i would like to disable vsync.

artem 01-03-14 04:22 PM

Re: Disable Vsync system wide?
You may want to read this.

nece228 01-04-14 04:29 AM

Re: Disable Vsync system wide?

Originally Posted by artem (Post 2600170)
You may want to read this.

Thanks, i have posted this thread in new forums

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