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sweeze 11-25-03 11:37 AM

openGL hard freezes computer
I have an nVidia Corporation NV25 [GeForce4 Ti4200] (rev 163) installed in my machine on an Intel 845G motherboard (Intel Corp. 82845G/GL [Brookdale-G] Chipset Host Bridge). My machine is running debian unstable with the binary nvidia 4496 version drivers on a 2.4.21 kernel. The AGP driver being used is the NVIDIA one, with an AGP rate of 4x. The nvidia card is sharing IRQ9 with the usb-uhci hub.

My problem is that OpenGL applications (WineX running GTA, and OpenGL screensavers) seem to be hard freezing my machine and somehow corrupting the video ram. When a GL application has been running, often (but not always) the screen will freeze and become sort of a psychadelic rainbow colored static (like TV with no signal, but with pinkish purplish bluish tones instead of black and white ). I then have to hard power off my machine (have to hold the power button for >4 seconds, as it doesn't respond immediately), as I can't even ssh to it. If i just hit the reset button, the video ram is still corrupted, but it does try to boot.

has anyone else seen anything like this? any recommendations on how to fix it?


patbob 12-12-03 07:37 PM

I see hard freezes...
I've been seeing hard freezes, but they don't sound too similar (well, other than the hard freeze part).

I'm runnign RH enterprise linux 3 and I find that if I cause an OpenGL app to core dump (send it a SIGSEGV), it hard-freezes the kernel. Unfortunately, I don't even get the pretty light show :-(

No clue abotu what is causing it although I know a lot about what _isn't_ a factor (not the SMP kernel, not the driver version, not NvAGP being enabled..).

patbob 12-16-03 08:38 PM

did find a solution...
I did ffind a solution to the problem I was having.. diable AGP support by adding a 'Option "NvAGP" "0"' line to the XF86Config file.

sweeze 12-17-03 03:00 PM

glad you found a solution, but even w/ NvAGP=0, i still get the same crash :-(

getting a new card soon (hooray for warranty), so hopefully it's a hardware bug!

sweeze 01-12-04 03:54 PM

it was a hardware issue: new card fixed the problem.

undrwater 01-13-04 10:59 AM

I was having a similar issue (freeze at splash screen), but set:
NvAGP "0" which allowd me to get into X. GL was rather slow however.

I noticed this morning that the machine was frozen, and when i got into work i could not ssh and reboot. I guess there's something to be said about "if it ain't broke...". I'll backtrack to earlier drivers and see if i get better performance.

Asus A7v333
Asus v8200 ti200 (GeForce 3)

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