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jcrox 02-16-14 03:29 PM

Love the ads!!
Normally I hate sites with ads, bot not NVNews!!!

The add that just popped up....

May 16th in Milwaukee, WI
Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, and Exodus.

ZOMG, what an awesome ad to see!! Just bought my tickets

rage10 02-18-14 07:05 AM

Re: Love the ads!!
I'm getting Verizon ads. no ducking way I'm switching to Verizon.

DiscipleDOC 02-18-14 05:45 PM

Re: Love the ads!!
Ads? What ads? :bleh:

Zapablast05 02-22-14 07:37 PM

Re: Love the ads!!

DiscipleDOC 02-24-14 08:22 AM

Re: Love the ads!!
ADD? Who has ADD?

Zapablast05 02-24-14 12:07 PM

Re: Love the ads!!
The aids are pretty annoying at times. I always get a flower sale add or some political aids.

Airbrushkid 02-25-14 08:06 AM

Re: Love the ads!!
I stop seeing them ever since I started using Firefox years back. I hate ad's. If I want to buy everything I will. Like when I go into a store and someone comes up to me I tell them to F-OFF. When I go into a store I already know what I want. I'm not like a lot of people out there.

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