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DivotMaker 07-30-02 08:57 PM

Driver removal under Windows XP Pro
I am using WinXP Pro and the 29.42 drivers with a GF4 Ti 4600.

I have yet to find a utility like Detonator Destroyer that will remove all nVidia driver files with WinXP.

Can anyone tell me how to completely remove the nVidia driver files without having to reformat and reinstall WinXP? I am having issues every time XP reboots after removal of drivers, it automatically installs the previous version. Any ideas on how I can wipe the slate clean with regard to these drivers?



volt 07-30-02 09:55 PM

have you tried this:

1. Unpack 30.30 dets into a temp dir
3. Right click on my computer / choose properties
4. Go to your Hardware tab / device manager
5. Click on display adapters
6. Right click / choose properties / Click on Driver Tab
7. Click Update driver
8. Choose "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
9. Click Next
10. Now choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install"
11. On the next screen, click on Have Disk and point to your temporary directory where you unpacked 30.30's
12. Then ignore XP's message that those drivers are not digitally signed yada, yada, yada.

When it asks you to reboot, do so.
Works for me everytime there is no .exe in the zip.
If there is an .exe just double click and it should install over the old ones.

DivotMaker 07-31-02 07:47 AM

Thank you for taking time to answer, but what I am really looking for is a method to uninstall the current drivers completely so that when the system reboots and tells me there is a new VGA device that it won't install the previous drivers automatically. I want to be prompted to install the drivers, not be told they are installed already.



saturnotaku 07-31-02 09:03 AM

1) Boot into safe mode
2) Use control panel/add-remove programs and uninstall the nVidia Windows 2000/XP display drivers from there.
3) Reboot when prompted and you're done

Windows XP (and 2000 for that matter) does a much better job making sure all driver files are removed when you uninstall them. There really is no need for a program like detonator destroyer.

fishlung 07-31-02 12:16 PM

I've scoured my registry and Windows system folder after uninstalling Detonator drivers via Add/Remove Programs, and I have to agree with Saturn, there's pretty much no need for Det Destroyer (not to mention the fact that Det Destroyer wouldn't work for me anyway ;) ). Try looking in your system folder and registry, as it's not impossible for something to have been missed.

malachi1313 07-31-02 10:02 PM

I don't have a problem with the built in Add/Remove program wizard in the control panel. The only thing that gets left behind are registry keys.

DivotMaker 08-01-02 08:44 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!


firthy 08-12-02 05:05 PM

You should always remove the old drivers completely before installing newer drivers otherwise you may get problems. I always use add/remove progs to uninstall drivers and then run a small programme called NVCleaner this shows you the residue that is left from the old drivers in the Registry and Windows/System folder before it removes them. You would be surprised how much is left from the old drivers when using NVCleaner.

It works with all versions of Windows including XP and I never have problems installing new drivers. I can't remember where I got it from but it is only a small programme so if anyone wants it, e-mail me at firthy22@manx.net and I'll send it to you.



rclenhardt 08-13-02 09:15 AM

here is the guide i use;

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