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Voteccow 11-28-03 06:52 AM

Shuttle Sn41G2 Nforce 2 chipset Probs!!
I installed the rpm package for suse 9.0 and I still can't get the network card working. Am I doing something I wrong? Could Someone Walk me through the steps in installing the drivers properly. I'm a n00b to installin these kinda of drivers on linux

Voteccow 11-28-03 09:05 AM

Tried all the packages and I think I may be doin something wrong. Anyone please help?

CSG 11-28-03 09:49 AM

Shuttle SN41G2

Please read the threads started by kummel and jardel below yours. I have the exact same problem and plan on following kummell's recs.


CSG 11-28-03 10:55 AM


Forgive my lack of clarity. Please read the threads initiated by jardel and kummell. I plan to follow ttrainor's recs to kummel.


ttrainor 12-06-03 11:43 PM

Yeah! The Shuttle SN41G2 kicks butt! You will get it working, believe me. If I can, any idiot could.
Make sure you have the kernel devel libraries installed (you will need the kernel source installed. I am a RedHat nerd and Suse is foreign to me, so just install everything...) Follow the instructions in my post: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...threadid=20049. It will tell you how to build from source (the kernel rpms I mention should still work on Suse). If you are paranoid about the latest brk() exploit, build a 2.4.23 kernel instead. The basic idea is: you must have kernel source configured for the kernel you are running while you compile the nvidia modules. Download the latest nforce2 platform drivers (For nvnet and nvaudio. Although both suck, only nvaudio has a viable alternative; http://www.alsa-project.org/, and I urge you to use it. Xmms sounds FANTASTIC with the ALSA driver and resists skipping with the low latency patches applied. It is also the only way to get full duplex sound out of the audio chip nvidia supplies.)
Make sure your /etc/modules.conf contains "alias eth0 nvnet" and "alias char-major-195 nvidia"
Kernel >= 2.4.22 also has support for your ieee1394 (firewire) controller, so make sure you put "alias ieee1394-controller ohci1394" in there, too.

Happy Hacking!!

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