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sh*tshot 09-24-02 04:06 AM

New Nvidia Dentonator 40.45 For win 9x & XP
www.warp2search.com have got their hands on a new set of Nvidia Dentonator Drivers 40.45 for windows 9x & xp!"

DIMA 09-24-02 04:37 AM

If you guys take a good look at the .inf file, you'll see that it has NV30 there... :D

Pav 09-24-02 04:40 AM

any1 got these yet? all mirrors seem down :(

DIMA 09-24-02 05:28 AM


Originally posted by Pav
any1 got these yet? all mirrors seem down :(
Well, I managed to download them before the mirrors were added (when the first mirror popped up).

But I'm skeptical to install them until someone else shares their experience with them...

Just realized there are two sets there, one for Win9x/ME and one for Win2k/XP. Now both sets are in my posession! :)

Pav 09-24-02 05:36 AM

well I got it and try it and I have to say it seems better then 40.41 - gta3 and mafia runs smoother and UT2003 too, I think these are the drivers that were meant to fix some issues with UT2003 - not too bad drivers :)

DIMA 09-24-02 05:45 AM

Alright, I installed the 40.45 detonator set on top of my old 30.82 detonator set in WinME(forgot to uninstall the old ones first, but to my suprise, it worked!).

Definetly looks like a solid part, a bit different than the 40.41 detonators, some more options, seems like the aniso bug has been fixed and the refrech override options are now avaiable under Direct3D natively (you had to enable them in Direct3D using coolbits previously).

Gonna run some benchmarks and games!! So far, so good! :D

Crippler 09-24-02 06:22 AM

Battlefield 1942 seems smoother, but still recieving a few clipping flashes. Not as much though.

Gator 09-24-02 06:39 AM

I'll try them asap. Ut2003 said Nvidia is aware of the 40.41 bugs with UT2003 and promised to fix them in future driver sets. Whatever UT wants, Gator gives it.

/me bows down to the almighty UT gods... LOL

I'll give you guys some results later :)

Crippler 09-24-02 07:18 AM

The flashing in Battlefield is really bugging me now.

Dammit :(

DIMA 09-24-02 07:19 AM

One note: These are the 40.52 drivers, not 40.45!

So far everything seems to be fine, but the water in Codecreatures in WinXP looks the same way it did with the 40.41 detonators (in one word: strange), while it looks the way it should in WinME (with the same 40.52) which leads me to believe that the WinME version contains some bug fixes not implemented in the Win2k/XP set?

Whatever the real deal is, these drivers are still not official and still hold a "beta" status. We should wait for the official release to judge.

thcdru2k 09-24-02 08:28 AM

there is a override refreshrate panel. doesn't seem to work yet.

digitalwanderer 09-24-02 09:57 AM

I lost about 100 3dm2k1se points, but UT2k3 in D3D & NOLF2 no longer lock up on me so who cares?!? :D :D :D

Sweet, very sweet! They have a nicely polished feel to them for me. More later, I have NO time this morning. :(

Thanks nVidia, it was almost worth the wait! ;) :p

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