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ultrajava 09-24-02 06:12 AM

Ti4200 and Linux Install Problem
Hi all, I just installed a Leadtek GeForce 4 card based on the Nvidia Ti4200 chip. It seems that I have a problem with linux (wich was not the case with my previous GeForce 2 GTS card).

When I try to boot into linux or even run the Installer (Mandrake 8.2) as soon as Linux starts the boot the screen goes black and the computer hangs? I have even tried RH7.3 and the problem persists. I always have linux boot into console mode so I can only guess there may be framebuffer issues?
(I start X manually to avoid hassles)

The card works fine with no issues under M$ XP Home (dual boot...or used to be).

System Details:
AMD Athlon 1gig CPU
1024 Megs Ram
Asus A7V133 Mobo
Leadtek Ti4200 128meg card with VIVO
Soundblaster Live

ultrajava 09-27-02 07:24 PM

I assume nobody else is having this problem? Are there any BIOS settings that windows overrides and that Linux doesn't? Any help appreciated as if I cannot get it working Linux is dead in the water for me.

Lethal Weapon 09-27-02 07:33 PM

somebody just told me to try mem=nopentium in my lilo.conf (or pass it at boot)

unfortunatly i have a p3 ;)

but this could maybe apply to you

bwkaz 09-27-02 08:31 PM

It might help to disable PnP OS in your BIOS, if it's enabled... this option is pretty much stupid, I don't know why BIOSes even have them. I'd trust my BIOS over any OS to assign the right resources to stuff.

Or maybe "assign IRQ to VGA" should be on?

Otherwise, yeah, try "mem=nopentium" if you're using one of the original Athlons (not the XP or MP). Or actually, try it anyway, even if you do have an Athlon XP or MP. But on Intel processors, this won't solve the problem, because the Athlons do some "advanced speculative caching" that Intel processors don't do.

ultrajava 09-28-02 05:00 AM

Thanks for the suggestions but none of those settings made any difference. However, I have made some progress :)

I started the installer, hit F1 and opted to do the install in the "VGA16" mode. This seems to be working and the linux install is going ahead. I will set it to runlevel 3, download andinstall the lattest linux NVIDIA drivers and hopefully will be able to get X going.

Will post my results.


ultrajava 09-28-02 08:13 AM

Yipeee! All working now. Had to install MDK, NOT testing the X config. Then I installed the Nvidia drivers (compiled from source of course!) and everything is now happy. Seems the installer did not like something about my GeForce 4 card but now all is well. Phew!

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