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donny77 12-01-03 12:57 AM

Linux Newbie
This should be a simple one. Sorry for the ignorance. I have installed SuSE 9.0 via FTP (So no YOU, unless I am mistaken.) I downloaded the Latest NVIDIA driver and I have the directions for compiling it. My problem is when I go to compile it it tells me that X is running. I have found no way to stop X. A graphical login appears on startup. If I switch to the text console without logging in I still get the X running error. I tried stopping the Process ID that X is on when I log in, but that just ends the X session and returns to the graphical login screen. What am I missing?

LordMorgul 12-01-03 02:54 AM

On a text terminal, with root permission:
telinit 3
(then do the install stuff)
telinit 5

telinit switches runlevels, 3 is multi-user text only, 5 is multi-user with X servers, 1 is single-user (for repairing things), 6 is reboot

The file /etc/inittab contains a line that allows you to change the default mode your system boot will boot to.

DaMag58 12-26-03 11:45 AM

I'm having a simular problem with rehat 9.0 on my MSI motherboard, Asylum GForce MX440-SE video card and Duron 1.2 proccessor. I've tried using telinit 3 in a text teminal as su and it just say Command not found. is there another way to boot without xwindow that's simple. Simple seems to be the only thing I can do these day's. Thankyou for any help you may offer.

LordMorgul 01-04-04 12:55 PM

If the command is not found you are probably not logging in while gaining su, this would mean you are still using YOUR user's path, but with su power. Instead, use the command:
/bin/su -

This will use the root user's path, then telinit will be found.

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