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Fluke 09-24-02 08:15 AM

Creative 5300 speakers work with Hercules?
Does anyone have the 5300 speakers working with a Hercules sound card? preferably the Hercules Theatre XP 6.1. I'm thinking of getting these for my dad with the XP 6.1 card, but I'm not sure since they are stamped with the Creative marketing on them, you never know with those slimy aholes.

They are not digital, they are analog and belief is they still hook up with two wires to a Audigy/Live card... spdif I think.

FastM 09-24-02 08:55 AM

Fluke, i cant believe you are even considering buying something from Creative???

Dude stay away from Creative speakers, they know less about making speakers then they do about making SoundCards.

For a budget system i totally recommend the Logi z-340, z-440 or the z-560's.

But if i dont go Logi then Altec Lansing would be my Only other choice. I have heard the FPS 5300 in action already and i dont think they are worth it. these are all IMO's of course.

Fluke 09-24-02 09:01 AM

I'm looking for decent speakers, someone told me even for Creative they were decent, which do you recommend. Not cheapees either... something you know like $200... In my ****ty city of Ottawa Canada, all the stores carry the same sh1t so I perhaps have to buy online to get anything decent.

I was looking at them too cuz they were cheap... but plz by all means show me some better affordable ones... preferably digital... :D

FastM 09-24-02 09:13 AM

Look at this, copy pasted from the specs of the 5300 from the creative site

18 watts RMS subwoofer plus 5 satellites with 6 watts RMS each

6 Watts per Satelite? you have to be kidding.

Like i said i recommend pretty much anything from AltecLansing, they are a Great computer speaker company. After a quick look these seem nice http://www.altecmm.com/product_detai...?pID=641&sID=1

Also, Digital speakers is a marketing sham, Total waist of money. (Why do you think Creative are the only ones that push it?)

Fluke 09-24-02 09:42 AM

Check this out... what do you think of the ones on the top right

These look nice... (I'd consider for myself the ones on the top right)

But still, wondering if the Creative 5300's would work on the Theatre XP 6.1... very important for someone i know who has them and wants to scrap his Audigy too...

FastM 09-24-02 09:43 AM


Originally posted by Fluke
Check this out... what do you think of the ones on the top right

These look nice... (I'd consider for myself the ones on the top right)

But still, wondering if the Creative 5300's would work on the Theatre XP 6.1... very important for someone i know who has them and wants to scrap his Audigy too...

speakers are speakers, they would work fine with the AC97 sound if you wanted.

The ones on the top right seem a little underpowered. you see i would rather get a Powerfull 3 speaker setup then a less powerfull 5.1 or 4.1. I would probably choose the ones in the Top Middle, but if a cheaper 5.1 is what your looking for, then they seem like the only option.

Edit: If you absoluty want a 5.1 then its the top right. But a good 4.1 deal is the bottom left ones.

Fluke 09-24-02 09:48 AM

Thanks... I hope you meant the 5300's working with the XP Theatre card, I guess it's a temp situation for him until he gets more money, but I am considering getting those now that you are the second one to mention Altec speakers...

Essense 09-24-02 03:00 PM

Not to spring to creatvie's defense or anything, but low wattage dosent mean it won't be loud or sound good. And the speakers are actually made by Cambridge Soundworks, creative bought them awhile back. I think Creative takes alot of flack on there speakers because they used to make there own, and they where indeed God-aweful, cardboard box sounding speakers. However, once they bought Cambrdige Soundworks, there speakers improved considerably, especially there "High End" ones. I'd guess they probably sound as good as any other mid-range speakers from Altec Lansing, or say Boston Acoustics. But there's no doubt the Logitech Speakers are better, or some of the high end Altec Lansings. I don't remeber what the high end 4.1 Logitech's run but I hear alot of great things about them. Z-5xx's I think.


saturnotaku 09-24-02 03:59 PM

I recently picked up a set of Altec Lansing 251's. Normally US $100 for a full 5.1 speaker setup wouldn't be a good idea, but these speakers have been very highly rated as a great value for the money. Going from my old Advent AV290's to these was like night and day. The bass these speakers put out is incredible considering the price. They can't quite hold a candle to the Klipsch 5.1's but considering these cost 1/4 as much I'm not going to complain at all. I would highly recommend these speakers if you want to get a surround sound experience without spending a fortune. :)

LTech221 09-24-02 04:53 PM

If you need a 5.1 system the Monsoon MH505's are great. ALOT Better than that uninspiring line creative puts out.

SnakeEyes 09-25-02 09:32 AM

I have the DTT3500's here Fluke (both analog and digital connectors), and for DVDs and such, digital is the only way to go with the Herc, primarily because the DD / DTS discrete channels are only really output on the digital outputs. The downside to these speakers is that the analog connectors only support 4 channels (2 front / 2 rear) on the speaker end. What this means is that even though my Herc has more outputs, I have no inputs on these speakers for them.

On to the 5300's:
I've considered replacing my DTT3500's with the 5300's, for two reasons. The first is that although the 5300's lack digital connections (including the Live-specific SPDIF connector), they do appear to have 6 discrete analog inputs. This is perfect for the analog outputs on my Hercules card. The second reason is that I have no less than three standalone DVD players in my house now, for use watching movies or other content that has DD / DTS content, so I don't need the digital outs on my Herc for that. (If you needed to use the digitals for editing music / audio, say to those Sony digital tape decks or something, the ports are still free too- BONUS).

For gaming and other 3D audio on the PC, the analog outputs are the best choice with the Hercules, and the 5300's seem to be the best overall match for this use with this card available at the moment, short of buying a standalone DD / DTS receiver with 5.1 (6 channel, 5 mains + sub) analog inputs, and driving a set of HT speakers with that. This last setup would allow the full use of both the digital outputs (for movies and stuff on DVD) as well as the analog outs for gaming and other PC applications, but usually can be expected to run much more $$.

1) If he plans to use the PC for DVD playback, you don't want the 5300's (no way to output the DD / DTS streams to them from the Herc).
2) If he doesn't need DVD playback on the PC, but wants to play games or other DS3D / etc. PC audio using all the channels, the 5300's are choice #1, despite what the speakers' component ratings may be. These speakers will allow 6.1 analog output from the soundcard, which is currently the only set to do so that I've seen yet (all others use the front / rear stereo type connector, and either interpolate the center / sub, or completely ignore them).
3) If money's not an issue and/or the system will be used as in both 1 and 2 above, then the cheapest DD / DTS HT receiver that also includes 5.1 / 6.1 analog inputs (usually meant for future decoder hookup), built in amplifiers, and the cheapest HT 5.1 / 6.1 (mains + sub) speakers to match, would be the best overall setup. I'd love to do this myself, but I don't plan to spend what a setup meeting my expections would run. :p

Good luck with the hunt Fluke.

SnakeEyes 09-25-02 09:37 AM

BTW, I've been watching and waiting for some PC audio company to get smart and release a set of speakers with 6 analogs (5.1 again) as well as digital inputs, eliminating the need to either compromise by picking what you want to do with the PC or spend major moola on an HT setup. So far nobody's fully stepped up to the plate. In fact, on the analog side, Creative's the only ones even close, with the 5300's, right now.

This is probably because there are very few soundcards that can do 5.1 analog output, most taking the front/rear (and maybe a sub) connections that have been more or less standard for several years now, and ingnoring the center (other than providing it as Dolby Prologic mode mix with the front signals) discrete channel.

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