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jnd3 12-01-03 08:46 AM

Mandrake 9.2 or Fedora Core 1?
I've been holding off on reinstalling Linux since my last hardware upgrade ... I just haven't had the time to wrestle with drivers, etc. lately. I've pulled down the ISOs for Mandrake 9.2 and Fedore Core 1. Any thoughts on which has a smoother setup for a system like that in the sig below? I'd like to go with Mandrake, but I had a ton of problems with 9.1 and my wireless network that I didn't have with Red Hat 8.0 (i.e. I never got it working in Mandrake).

I don't use the ethernet (USB wireless).
I do use the sound, USB and firewire (although if the last doesn't work it's no big deal).

Any spectacular failures or startling successes with either (or both) of these?


Pallesen 12-01-03 03:50 PM


I'd definately go for Mandrake in your case. As I see it Fedora Core1 should be considered Beta or perhaps even pre-beta. Anyhow it still has some way to go before a stable release.
Regarding your specific requirements i really can't say if you will have trouble getting these systems functioning. I would suggest simply trying out Mandrake and see how things turn out - this should not take that long :).


Pallesen 12-01-03 04:21 PM

Having taken a second look at the Fedora HP I see that this release is actually considered stable. I tried it out on a computer at a friend of mine when it was just released, and my impression wasn't exactly that this was completely stable as there was a few problems running it.
Anyway, this doesn't really change my view on the choice of Mandrake over Fedora. I just wanted to be the first to correct my miscategorization of Core1 in my first post :)


jnd3 12-01-03 09:02 PM

Thanks for reply. I want to go with Mandrake, but I don't want to spend a bunch of time fighting the wireless like I did with the last revision (or maybe it was 9.0). If all else fails I'll just try both. That's what a spare hard disk is for, I suppose!


serialdave 12-04-03 01:34 PM

I ran the fedora for a few weeks and it was quite stable and did well. However as it comes no mp3 files will play and it had a few other items that were (broken) when it comes to multymedia. Redhat broke these items because they felt they did not meet gpl standards or something.

Mandrake 9.2 has a few bugs but runs great anyway. The mouse settings for single or double click to open an item is stuck on single click. The menue will dissapear when you add a new rpm.

They are working on several bugs and several have been fixed already.

I couldn't get an nforce 2 motherboard to come up with netowrk or sound in 9.2 even though the x windows server thinks it has identified and installed the nvidia hardware properly.

personally the Mandrake release seems to have a few better control appletts and a better look and feel.

jnd3 12-05-03 09:49 AM

Well, I tried both.

I liked Fedora's install, but my boot disk wouldn't actually boot (got Win2k, so I can't just overwrite the MBR). I decided to go back to it if Mandrake was unsuccessful.

Which it was. Sorta.

It needs lots of babysitting while installing. When it comes time to switch CDs, you'd better be there within a few minutes or the puppy's going to crash and burn. Quite annoying. I spent hours fiddling with it trying to get the wireless network up, but no-go. I didn't even get to the point of fiddling with sound, and don't even get me started about the monitor distortions due to the lovely 60Hz refresh rate (how the heck does one change that?).

I don't have a lot of time for tweaking and recompiling ... I really just want something that works when I plug it in. Look and feel was nice, but it takes a backseat to functionality. I might try Fedora Core again and give it a little push with the wireless (I had an easier time of it with Red Hat 8.0 vs. Mandrake 9.0 last time I went down this path).

If all else fails I'll sit back and wait for a while until the wireless network drivers reach a level of maturity. I don't plan on dumping Win2k any time soon, and it serves my purposes well for the moment. And so it goes.


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