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reboot 12-01-03 01:41 PM

GforceFx5600 3d problem
Hello im niubiez of linux ...i got a little problem... my Geforce FX 5600 256mbddr ...is not supported , so i installed redhat 9 without the Xfree configuration, i changed the driver from Vesa to Nv and now it works, i updated the driver with the Nvidiadrver.run....but the 3d dosent work when i try to play for example to Tux racer My video popUp a message wich says : NOT VALID IMPUT ....how can resolve this problem?? sometime the video become black for few second and than return normal...this situation can cause damages to my VideoCard???? tnx for all im sorry for my english ^^ ....... plz if someone reply try to give a reply very clear...and detailed cose im not expert :****

LordMorgul 12-01-03 03:53 PM

Please attach to a new post on this thread the following files:

Also post the output of the following command:

(if any file is NOT present, just post the others)

reboot 12-02-03 05:05 AM

Ok i'll do it soon , now im at university i cannot...untill i do it, do u know if using my videocard now without the following changes can cause any damage?? cose the videoimage sometime jumps...

another Q...do u know where is installed the turbovision?? cose the .rmp files dosnt show where is it ...so i need the usual path of it...or if u know an alternative metod to spot it, cose the search dosnt give me any result...

TNX :***

LordMorgul 12-03-03 02:26 AM

It is possible to damage hardware with incorrect settings... however the X server should never allow you to do that (SHOULD) so if it is working somewhat now you're basically safe unless you start using modified code or other programs to adjust the hardware. Use XFree86 supplied code, plus nVidia drivers, and you should not be able to damage the hardware.

I have no idea what you are referring to with 'turbovision', you'll need to explain more about what this is before I can help you with that.

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