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mcortz_2000 09-24-02 01:50 PM

Mandrake 8.2 first time user...
Hi All,

Well as the heading might suggest I am running Mandrake 8.2 for the first time. I am actually dual-booting WinXP and Mandrake 8.2.
WinXP is on the first partition and Mandrake on the second.

Aside from general advice in terms of updates, what do you suggest I use in terms of drivers and where should i go.

Oh and before i forget everything worked for the most part, internet etc.. except I haven't tried any games because it is using the GeForce3 generic driver. I was able to however run the resolution at 1600x1200@76Hertz. My monitor goes higher than that but my knowledge with Mandrake is nil to none.

What steps should i take now in terms of updating drivers, software updates. I selected everything when i installed it. The only module that failed to load or shut down is the proftp module.
Otherwise it looks fine.

Any help in this would be great....

hyperclock 09-26-02 09:01 AM

answer to NEW TO MDK 8.2
I do want to Congratule you to the UPSTEP in PC life - LINUX -

There are many different ways to update your NVIDIA driver, the easiest that I tested was :

On page 1 of this thread Rob C. posted a very EASY to follow, Understand and working way of doing the Upgrade.

PRINT this post before you start - YOU WILL NEED IT.

If ther's anyprobs send a message or mail.:cool:

Kruno 09-26-02 09:48 AM

Or you can just do this:

/etc/X11 is the directory for the file

The way I done mine was.
Install the RPM's by double clicking on them. After that edit
XF86Config-4 the bloody file and add: Load "glx". Then edit the video module and change "nv" and "vga" to nvidia.

Restart X and log in and then you will run anything OGL.

mcortz_2000 09-26-02 01:51 PM

Thanks a lot guys for the help. The one thing I have noticed compared to the last Linux I installed which was Red Hat 6.1 if I am not mistaken. Redhat wasn't that bad just more tedious to install at least compared to mandrake.

Anyway lets hope this is a somewhat painless experience. I have alos heard that they are getting ready to start distrubution of Mandrake 9.0 otherwise known as Dolphin. And thanks for welcoming me to the stable side. HeHe M$ isn't exactly the king of peaceful grin if you know what I mean.

I will try these steps this weekend, should a great learning experience.

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