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adrian8311 12-02-03 05:31 AM

whole screen turns black
I just downloaded the RedHat 8.0, but during installation the whole screen turns blank, then I tried the text mode to install the linux, and I finally found out the where the problem lies... it's because it doesn't support my monitor, I search all over the monitor list, but none match my one --> LG Studioworks 700S. It can recognize my video adapter, so there's nothing wrong with the video adapter. Does anyone know what else I can do????? I really want to install linux but I don't want to buy a new monitor....:confused: :(

wildhoney 12-03-03 07:32 AM

Perform text mode installation. When you will reach X configuration stage, simply select the unknown monitor (or "generic" - I don't remember exactly) type in horizontal sync and vertical refresh frequencies manually (see your monitor user manual for frequency values). If your graphics card had been recognized by anaconda (Red Hat installer), than all you need to get working configuration of X is to tell it you monitor frequency ranges. Good Luck! (Igor)

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