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adrian8311 12-02-03 05:41 AM

Ftp problem
I am currently using XP, and I got a peer-to-peer
network, computer X directly connect to the internet,
computer Y connect to internet through X. When I try to
run the FTP, it successfully connect to the remote
server, but when I start typing commands such as "ls"
or "put", it doesn't work. And the response message is
like "500 I won't open a connection to (only
to 211.xx.xxx.xx)" <-- that's my computer X's ip address.
it's somehow can't create the data port wirh the remote
server, does anyone know why??

p0lish_p0w3r 12-02-03 05:50 AM

It might be a PORT/PASSIVE mode problem. In certain occassions, usually while using routers, firewalls you need to try both modes and see which does work. Besides u need to configure your ftp server properly. I suggest using BPFT [old g6] and flashFXP or CuteFTP as a client.

adrian8311 12-03-03 12:00 AM

am... this seems so techniqical to me....
Can you guide me through the steps?
I just want to ftp something to my uni account, why do we need the server setup??
And by default, ftp uses active mode right? so how may I change that to passive mode? use telnet to port 21?? or....?


p0lish_p0w3r 12-03-03 02:10 AM

U need to set up a server software on teh PC u want to download from. If your IP is dynamic get a no-ip.info DNS account. If it is shared on the network and you do not have access to the router - you are out of luck.
If you have your own IP - you are good to go! Set up that server and get a ftp client software [cute FTP, flash FXP]. then you need to set up your connection on the client so it will run in PASSIVE if default mode does not work. Try using port 21 for your server. If you can't then you will not be able to connect to your server from computers that are on a shared internet connection.

Any other questions - pm or reply. I can really help - been running an FTP for a couple of years now - different ISPs, different networks.

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