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bargabr8 12-02-03 05:41 PM

How do I get Windows XP to deal with 2 NICs?
OK, here's my problem. I am on a wireless network for internet (192.168.3.x) and then I have another NIC for my home network (192.168.0.x). The way the home network is set up is that our movie server downstairs is connected to the router along with my computer and my roommates computer. My roommate is sharing his internet connection so that the dowstairs computer can access the internet, and I have my own wireless NIC in my computer.

When I enable both connections, Windows XP only uses my roommate's shared internet connection, never seeming to notice I have my own.

My question is, how do I get windows to use my wireless NIC for internet without using my roommate's shared internet connection while still being able to share folders across our home network (192.168.0.x) between the 3 computers and NOT share folders on the wireless network (192.168.3.x)?

Let me know if I need to try to clear up the configuration, I know its kind of strange...

Thanks in advance!

Vash 12-03-03 07:20 AM

Are you using ICS? If so, I'm surprised you got it working. ICS is a headache in a box.

Theoretically, Windows shouldn't have a problem with multiple NICs. Are you getting DHCP through one NIC and static through another? If you could give more details on your setup, it would help a bit (static/DHCP settings, DNS, workgroup/domain, etc).

bargabr8 12-06-03 04:47 PM

hmm... thats really weird, cause I definately replied to this a day ago or so... Anyway, my problem was that I needed to leave default gateway and dns blank in the tcp/ip properties of the LAN. This way, windows will know not to look for an internet connection when accessing the LAN. The guys on the IRC channel told me about this stuff, so thanks to them :)


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