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dbd 09-24-02 04:04 PM

GF4 ti4200 with 850Mhz processor?
I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card to a Microstar Geforece 4 Ti4200 128MB, but I 'only' have an 850Mhz AMD Athalon Thunderbird processor in an ABIT KT7a with 256MB RAM, this seems fast enough but I have read that this may have a huge effect on the overall performace of the GF4.
How serious will this be (I cannot afford a processor upgrade) and would it be more sensible to go for an even cheaper graphics card? How long will I be able to play the latest games at 800*600 with this setup?



saturnotaku 09-24-02 04:12 PM

What is your current graphics card? If you have a GeForce2-level card, I would highly suggest purchasing an ECS K7S5A motherboard with an AthlonXP 1600+ processor. Both are available from www.newegg.com for less than $60 each. If you have a GF2, it will scale well with that new setup until you can afford a more powerful graphics card.

A Ti4200 won't do all that well on an 850 MHz processor. Going the new motherboard CPU route would give you a speed boost with your present graphics card and the K7S5A will still allow you to use your current single data rate memory, which will save you more money in the short term. :)

LORD-eX-Bu 09-24-02 08:32 PM

On my P3 700 system I have a Visiontek GF4 Ti 4200 in it, and it runs very nicely. It was worth every cent that I paid for it. I say, go for it.:D

LORD-eX-Bu 09-24-02 08:33 PM

I have the 3dmark 2k1Se results in my profile for the P3 system, click on the link I have and you can see how it runs on a 700 Mhz system.

thcdru2k 09-24-02 08:35 PM

i don't know about that, i have a amd tbird 1.1 ghz, geforce 2 gts, all tweaked out and i only got a score of 4800. if a 4200 and a p3 700 only score 4100, i think the reasonable upgrade would definately be your mb and cpu first. videocard after. not only that your overall system performance, browsing, etc will improve as well.

LORD-eX-Bu 09-24-02 08:43 PM

That system is not optimized and you have to take into account that it is over 4 years old. But, even 3dmark aside, I noticed a huge difference over my GF2. But it all depends on what you are upgrading from, if you already have something like a GF3 or higher, I'd go for a CPU upgrade. Or at least a Peltier cooler or something to be able to overclock that AMD of yours pretty good.

dbd 09-25-02 02:11 PM

I don't have anything like a Geforce 3 or 2! My card came out when the GeForce 256 was the future of graphics. It is a Diamond Stealth 3 S540, with a S3 Savage 4 chipset. It was the best budget card in the days of the Matrox G400 and the TNT2. I have to replace it now because it is not properly supported and even the hacked drivers don't work with many games, including, most importantly, UT2003 - which means that I will not be able to play Deus Ex 2 or Thief 3. When I play UT2k3 all the health things make BIG triagnles of white light which seriously obstruct my vision and the frame rate.
In other words, the graphics card must go, but am I wasting money buying a 128MB Ti4200 because my CPU will cripple it?
Thanks again

saturnotaku 09-25-02 02:17 PM

Ouch. In that case, get that Ti4200 and get it NOW. It should do fine on your processor (should be able to run UT2k3 at 800x600) until you can afford to upgrade. Just remember what I posted the first time here - you can get yourself a sweet Athlon XP motherboard and processor for cheap if you know where to look. :)

Gator 09-25-02 06:16 PM

GF4 TI4200 start at $122us


PCarr78 09-25-02 06:23 PM


Originally posted by |TX|-LORD-EX-BU
On my P3 700 system I have a Visiontek GF4 Ti 4200 in it, and it runs very nicely. It was worth every cent that I paid for it. I say, go for it.:D
So, where are those benchies you promised me?

PCarr78 09-25-02 06:26 PM

ti4200 is fantastic

I am planning to buy a 128 meg one when the price drops, and i have a p3 700 as well.

LORD-eX-Bu 09-25-02 06:30 PM

LOL, I just remembered that, I feel so bad now... if you click on that link you can get an idea of how the computer runs, but what proggies did you want me to use?:D

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