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S.I.N 12-03-03 02:00 PM

Can I get a name change?
To....."S.I.N" (without the qoutes)

I just think this looks better after registering it at another forum. Do you guys have the power to do it? Pretty please.:)

MikeC 12-03-03 03:49 PM

Done :)

S.I.N 12-03-03 04:41 PM

Thank you oh great administrator MikeC dude.:beer:

Clay 12-03-03 07:02 PM

Hey Mike, can you give my name a brush up too?

From "maxpower" to "MaxPower"


p.s. I mean, afterall...I did get rid of that potato you hate so much. :angel:

ClyssaN 12-03-03 07:17 PM

MaxPoweR is more l33t joo :D

Clay 12-04-03 12:34 AM

Oh boy oh boy...I am soooo l33t now :D Thanks Mike!

UDawg 12-04-03 12:17 PM

You now have MaxPower. :p

TheOneKEA 12-04-03 01:00 PM

I've never felt a desire to be anyone except TheOneKEA.

Maybe +|-|30|\|3|<3@, but nothing else really :D

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