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slak 12-03-03 04:58 PM

Hyperthreading, SMP and nvidia-installer
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The 4496 (and 4363) driver worked fine under a single processor system. But the second I turned on SMP to get hyperthreading functionality insmod nvidia.o started failing. (Yes, I did recompile after adding SMP into the kernel.)

Here is the nvidia-installer.log file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

slak 12-04-03 06:02 PM

Tired the 4620 driver this afternoon... same result...


Bueller? Bueller?

Moled 12-04-03 06:06 PM

it runs ok here

did you sort out acpi as well to get ht working?

as in if you do cat /proc/cpuinfo

what do you see (1 or 2 processors)?

slak 12-04-03 07:32 PM

I see 2 Processors.

Yes ACPI is turned on for the processor. Unless I missed some step (which is entirely possible.) General Setup --> ACPI Support -->[*] ACPI Support, <*> Processor.


slak 12-07-03 07:08 PM

FINALLY got this working... after playing around with it this weekend, I found the problem to be the 2.4.23 kernel I was using... I compiled a 2.4.22 kernel and it worked perfectly :)

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