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Eugene 12-04-03 09:06 AM

I think I got it working.
The "problem" was with my desktop settings.

I had it at 24Bits...
I changed it to 16Bits and tried to enable 3D graphics and this time it worked.

However I don't think this is a good solution, it might be working at 16Bits but I want it to work at at least 24Bits. (hopefully 32...)

Any help with this will be appriciated.
So, again... waiting for reply's...

LaNcom 12-04-03 10:14 AM

32bit won't work, even if it is available in XF86Config, I've never seen it working. Setting the XServer to 24bit depth will use a 32bit framebuffer - think about it, there is no 32bit color depth (8bit R + 8bit G + 8bit B = 24bit, the XServer doesn't support alpha... - yet).

Eugene 12-05-03 08:16 AM

so... 16bit's is as high as I get for now? :(

:afro2: << that's not enough colors in my opinion...

LaNcom 12-05-03 09:12 AM

24bit should work fine, that would be 16.7 Mio colors, 32bit would be 16.7 Mio colors and 256 steps alpha (or 1.6 Bio values). The eye can not destinguish more than 12 Mio colors, anyway...

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