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Ohmni 12-05-03 04:51 AM

Debian, nVidia & a compiler.

When running the nVidia pkg#2 everything is fine. It finds the Debian kernel source code/headers (3.0r1) too.

However, when trying to compile the nVidia module an error message pops up saying; the compiler I'm using to compile the nVidia module, is not the same that was used compiling the kernel itself.

This leads to a CC mismatch.

Anyone have an idea how I could get this working without setting a the flag to ignore the mismatch checking of compilers.


petros4060 12-05-03 05:45 AM

I am running debian -currently testing/unstable mix but previously 3.0r1. I use the nvidia installer but have compiled my own kernel using the old fashioned non debian way as I have not had the time to figure out the debian way.
The error you mentioned only happened for me when the gcc version (current) was different to the one the kernel was compiled with. The base gcc for 3.0 is 2.95 but 3.3 is available in testing. If you run gcc --version it will tell you the version of gcc currently running. If there is a problem you could recompile the kernel with the current gcc version and then the nvidia installer should work fine.

screetch 12-05-03 06:35 AM

better, define the shell environment variable IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH.

under bash,

but if it fails to compile or run, run
then check what's the gcc version used to build the kernel and install the compiler (apt-get install gcc-2.95)
or even better, use debian prepackaged files which install everything as .deb packages

Ohmni 12-08-03 01:35 AM

Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to see if I can get the old version of gcc or worst case I'll set the variable CC.


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