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fingermouth 12-05-03 02:13 PM

Installing Nvidia Drivers in Linux
Ive installed the RED HAT Linux 9 and its nice but my Nvidia 4600 only installed the generic driver so i downloaded the 4496 Linux driver.

My problem is when i run the script, i get an error saying log in as root. Well i do this and run the script again. I get a x server error message. KNow i understand the only way to install this driver is to exit X and run command. I don't know where the driver is in command mode and this is getting comfusing. Does anyone have a good way to install the Linux Nvidia driver?

LBJM 12-05-03 04:29 PM

what kernel are you using? whats the error message say?

have you read the readme? ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Li...496/README.txt

SuLinUX 12-05-03 06:14 PM

All you do is move into the directory where the nvidia installer is,

login as root

cd /home/myusername

and then run the package.

Chalnoth 12-06-03 01:04 AM

Re: Installing Nvidia Drivers in Linux

Originally posted by fingermouth
My problem is when i run the script, i get an error saying log in as root.
Typically you don't log in as root to do this sort of stuff. Just log in with your usual username, then run the script from the terminal, but first type in the "su" command (and then the root password). This will make all following commands executed from that terminal window run as root.

Oh, btw, X should not be running when you execute the file, so make sure you are in runlevel 3 (/sbin/telinit 3 while in su will set the runlevel to 3). I suggest you edit the /etc/inittab file and set the startup runlevel to 3, in case there are any problems. Use the command "startx" to enter X from runlevel 3.

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