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chrisl456 12-06-03 05:57 PM

Weird "static" after X loads
I'm running Mandrake 9.2 with the NVidia-supplied drivers (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run) on a Dell Inspiron 5150 (GeforceFX Go5200). As far as I can tell, the drivers are working perfectly except for some weird "static". I only get this static after running glxgears or after a few minutes of normal (non-3d) activity. WinXP is fine. Even if I quit X the console is staticy. The only way to "fix" it is to reboot into XP, then back into Mandrake.

Has anyone seen this before? I hope this is fixable, as I specifically bought an NVidia-powered laptop so I could run Linux.


chrisl456 12-06-03 08:42 PM

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After reading the stickied "PLEASE read this post" :) , here's some more info:

Video BIOS version:
Processor: P4 3Ghz

If my XFree log file is useful, let me know & I'll post it.


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