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urak 09-25-02 08:59 AM

nVida Geforce2 MX 200 (onboard)
I have just installed Debian 3.0 r0, kernel 2.5.0 and xfree86 4.2.0. Also GLX 1.0-2960 and Kernel 1.0-2960.

Then i configure my x and try to run. A secound after i run x with "xfree86 -xfconfig <path>" my screen is black and nothing is happening. Not Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Alt+Del does help.. Nothing .. I have waited, that didn't help ither.

I got a Asus A7N266-E motherboard with an integrated nVida GeForce2 MX 200 video adapter. My sound card is a nVida MCP-D integrated APU bnundled ASUS 6-channeled audio ACR card.

What do I do? Do I really need to buy a card that is not nVida? I read somewhere that nVida requires XFree86 4.0.1 or higher. I got that, so I dont see the problem?

I can surely post my xfree86.config here if that helps..

What do i do?


jonesy 10-24-02 05:42 AM

You need to go to this site:


Platform/nForce Drivers (in the first box)

Unified driver package (in the second box)

Linux (in the third box)

Press the "Go!" button.

Follow the instructions on this page.
You will also need to alter a few other things to get the module to load properly. See the other forums on how to accomplish this. If you are still having problems post back here.

I am running this now, but I've noticed that things are less than stable... good luck

-dr. jones

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