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rahul288 12-07-03 12:16 AM

error while installing RH 8.0
i tried installing RH 8.0. my computer hangs if i try installing in GUI mode. when i tried in linux text mode. the process was smooth till installation of packages. when it came 2 detection of video card & monitor there was a test button. i pressed & my computer freezed.
when i restarted my comp... in grub i selected redhat & i got a error msg sayying that
Error 28: selected item is larger that memory
Press any key to continue.....

i gets back 2 the loader & becomes a loop.

my comp.. config is

AMD 2200+
Asus A7N266 - VM
nvidia Geforce2 GPU
samtron 56v monitor

if i boot thro' a bootable disk it gets hanged after the screen

press i for interactive startup

i hav installed linux on hda1

wot is this prob & how do i correct it.

plz reply.

thanking u.

LordMorgul 12-07-03 10:14 PM

I suggest you reinstall from the beginning, this time do not use the test button. The reason this can cause problems is that some hardware does not respond politely to 'probing' that is done by some of the tests. You may have better success using an newer version of RedHat also, as bugs like that are frequently removed and added to the upstream projects (like XFree86 which is separate from redhat but used by redhat). See the Fedora Core link in my sig for the newest 'RedHat Linux' which is now known as Fedora.

The main issue you want to avoid, is probing your hardware with tests. You know what it is, just select what you know it is from the lists and you should be better off. On the video card, the exact choice you make is trivial, select any GeForce 2 or higher generic card from the list (the same driver will be used, the name will just be different in the config file).

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