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vampireuk 12-07-03 04:14 AM

Good job Muya
Excellent work, enjoyed reading that review and you have tempted me to get one of them at some point:D

MUYA 12-07-03 04:38 AM

Cheers Vamps, the mouse is good, very good provided you take the time to break into it and also depends on what type of gamer you are, ie if you like to move the cursor on the screen with with a large movement of the mouse, this mouse is not for you, if you like to move it with a slight movement of the mouse, then this is for you. Also there are other factors like mouse acceleration etc but if you give it time you will work out a combo. Of course its also about getting the cursor to stop where u want it to and this Sniper Boomlsang allows you to do just that!

Also "Fatality" won a $100K tourney with the original 2000 mouse as opposed to the 2100 that is reviewed! :D And Razer (the geezers who won the technology patents of it and design etc) also suggest a lot of pro gamers use the razer? I can see why, It made an average playah like me Halo, rock in Halo MP! :D Its good mouse by all accounts except the maintainence bit (ya i am lazy) and maybe the price is a bit steep.


MUYA 12-07-03 03:12 PM

Thnx Gibs mate


digitalwanderer 12-07-03 03:22 PM

Good review Muya, now send me one of 'em so I can make sure it's accurate and all... ;)

MUYA 12-08-03 03:17 AM


Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Good review Muya, now send me one of 'em so I can make sure it's accurate and all... ;)

Hmm about u send me that AIW 9700 Pro and I send ya the mouse? :p

hehehe, I could never o/c my 9700 pro that much!


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