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rajput_arun 12-08-03 02:56 AM

Unable to Probe Monitor

I am a Linux newbie. Earlier I have PII 533 on which I installed Windows 98 and Red Hat Linux 8.0. Both were working very fine. Now I upgraded my system to AMD Athlon 2000+. Now problem arise here. I tried to install Red Hat Linux 8.0. with same media which I used on PII 533, while installing, it shows me "Probing Monitor : Unable to probe" and monitor goes blank. I am now stuck up..

My systems configuration is

AMD Athlon 2000+
256 DRAM
Monitor : LG Studioworks 44i

Any clue...


LordMorgul 12-08-03 10:29 PM

Have you tried installing in text mode? type: linux text
You can also try the low-res setting.

If you can avoid probing the monitor by choosing not to test X settings (if you're getting that far) do so, make selections manually.

Have you considered upgrading to a newer version than 8? It is no longer supported, and you won't have security updates available from redhat, other than those already backported.

rajput_arun 12-08-03 10:44 PM

Hi Lord,

Yesturday I tried it with text mode. Installation was successful. After installation it asked me for boot mode for which I selected "text" mode. Now when I tried to load linux under GUI interface screen goes blank and I have to forcefully reboot the machine.

I read somewhere that I have to install NVIDIA driver after downloading from the site? If yes pls let me know how to install rpm and which rpm is required

again my monitor is LG studioworks 44i which is enlisted in linux distribution

Thanks & Regds
Arun Rajput

LordMorgul 12-08-03 11:12 PM

What video card do you have?

You'll need to determine the horizontal and vertical refresh rate ranges of your monitor, or determine which of the generic monitor settings will be adequate (choosing a generic may work fine, as long as the rates are correct, i.e. within the capability of your monitor).
To see the available settings, you can run the program: XConfigurator
In that utility you can select a generic monitor, and generic Geforce video card (generics work fine, it does NOT effect how well the driver works)

You may need to edit the config file, /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to change one line in order to get the GUI working in basic 2d mode. You will need the nVidia drivers off their drivers download page in order to use 3d acceleration, basic openGL might work in software but is very slow.

Edit the file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 with vi (or another text editor):
change the line:
Driver "vesa"

to read:
Driver "nv"

and your GUI should work fine. If not, post the contents of that file on the forum, as well as the log file /var/log/XFree86.0.log. (copy them to a floppy or another harddrive partition if necessary)

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