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larkamus 12-08-03 11:04 AM

Really Fast Graphics
I do have a question. But, let's get to a BIG thanks to all the great posting on these Linux threads. Being very new to Linux, I loaded SuSE 9 (from the DVD, problems with the cd's) on a 875P mobo,Ti4600,TDKr/wDvD,Samsung 955, but with ACPI disabled. With your great posting, I was able to install and viEdit the new Nvidia 3d driver. This Graphical Puppy is FAST, maybe too fast. When I shut-down, POOF.... I come out of X(super fast) and the screen goes black as if the monitor turns off, but my system doesn't turn off... this only started after I installed the 4496-driver. Prior to this SuSE worked flawlessly( but in 2D). My question: Since I could only install without ACPI support and the 3d driver working in hyper-speed, ..... Does this problem hide in the lack of ACPI support or is it something like a trivial newby bump, that we all have to go through..?

LordMorgul 12-08-03 11:21 PM

When looking at the black screen can you try to telnet or ssh into the machine from another computer? Is the computer running with black screen, or just crapped out (one indicator could be if the keyboard lights obey, and mouse is still powered)? Does ctrl-alt-delete respond by shutting down the computer?

How are you entering X, using a graphical login, or a startx command from the text mode?

larkamus 12-26-03 04:59 AM

I don't have another puter. It looks like it just crapped out. Maybe holding in an APM command(acpi and apm are disabled0..... no keyboard lights or functioning.... no mouse.... if i try to exit X, screen locks with blurring graghics. Cntrl-alt-delete doesn't work. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm in and out alot this month.

Wolfman [TWP] 12-26-03 08:00 AM

Seeing that you had to disable the acpi support. You could go and add the following to your kernel command line either in Lilo or Grub (Not sure which one Suse uses, as I run Fedora Core 1 which uses Grub)


This should allow the system to completely shutdown.


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