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alexfayard 12-09-03 09:31 AM

HOW to installe the Kernel-header for mandrake 9.2
When I wante to install the Nvidia driver, the systeme (mandrake9.2) want to installe the the kernel-header, but i don't know where i could find this 'kernel-header', i have already installed the kernel-source. Do you have an answer for me, Thanks

SuLinUX 12-09-03 09:54 AM

The kernel source contains the headers so you must have not installed the right source

Have a look in /usr/src and what exactly was the package name?

hcarty 12-09-03 10:03 AM

For reasons that I do not know, Mandrake did not include the kernel source code in the 3-cd download set of ISO's released for 9.2. To get the source code, you need to go to a ftp mirror that has the Mandrake rpms, and get the kernel-source rpm that matches the version of the kernel you're running. Install that rpm, and you should be good to go.

Good luck,

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