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GotCow 12-09-03 02:24 PM

X how do i install the nvidia drivers
I dont have the abilty to go through GUI, so i installed with "linux text". Because my video card isn't supported with RH. (It starts up, and the screen goes black*)

I have tried booting with the first cdrom.
this is what I have tried doing.

# linux rescue
# mount /mnt/sysimage
# mount /mnt/cdrom
# cd /mnt/cdrom
# ls
# sh *.run


"No precompiled kernal interface was found to match your kernal..."

however when I do this - there is an error about compling the kernal - and it tried to go on nvidia's website to get the kenal. Needless to say it didn't find anything.


Also, i do not have a boot disk. I would like to create one without reinstall.

And - im very new to linux so lend me slack :)

SnapIT 12-09-03 02:32 PM

if your video card is not supported in graphics mode, it does not come from Nvidia...

choose generic, [nv] and you will be able too complete a graphic mode install...

when it comes to the install of the nvidia driver itself, you get that message because you don't have the kernel source... download the kernel source and try again..

There are one million threads like this one, read the stickys before you ask....

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