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Stiggy 12-11-03 05:43 AM

Linux Newb Need help
Hello All,

Im Brand new to linux, And Im trying to install the ia32 Driver.
I followed the instructions up to the part where i have to edit XF86Config-4. When I try to open it it tells me permission Denied.
Im installing this on Mandrake 9.1. I used the "su" command but still told me I did'nt have permission. Could someone Please tell me how to get permission.



linuxgabe 12-11-03 08:47 AM

to make it easy you can always go into user administration and make your self a member of every group. you could also install mc (midnight commander) from CD2. its a text type konsole interface but allows the use of your mouse to move around. this is how i edited the file to change my boot options. good luck

Kmutt 12-11-03 04:34 PM

You can use the program "vi" in terminal.
Do a search for the vi commands.

i = insert text
esc = takes you out of insert mode
qw = write the change of file to disk
q! = aborts and quits program
Shift : = to get you out of editing mode and allows you to
write the changes or quit the program
This is how I edited my XFree86 file for my Nvidia driver

Good luck

courtrrb 12-12-03 08:50 AM

You have to be in root to edit the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.
If your getting permission denied while logged into root.
Then log into root cd to he /etc/X11 directory and type in chmod 755 XF86Config-4
This will changed the permission so that root can edit it.

Stiggy 01-05-04 09:15 PM

Wow, thanks everyone.

Now im moving through linux just fine :P


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