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JTorrance 12-11-03 07:10 AM

768x576 on tvout

i'm trying to make the pal resolution 768x576 work on the tvout of my gf2mx. i use two Xscreens (no twinview) and the following modelines for my tv:

Modeline "720x576" 32.58 720 736 880 896 576 578 579 606
Modeline "768x576" 34.91 768 792 936 960 576 578 579 606

Modeline "720x576" 27.15 720 736 880 896 576 578 579 606
Modeline "768x576" 29.09 768 792 936 960 576 578 579 606

the first two are for 60Hz the last two for 50Hz. whenever i try to enable 768x576 the tvout is set to 640x480 even when 640x480 ist not listed as a usable mode. 720x576 works fine.

when i use this line in the display subsection:
Modes "768x576" "720x576"
i get 720x576

when i use this line:
Modes "768x576"
i get 640x480

i know i could use nvtv but i want to know if it is possible to do it directly with the nvidia drivers. i can activate that resolution with windows. is it a problem with my modelines?


JTorrance 12-14-03 05:05 PM


no replies? is there really noone who managed to activate that resolution? at least tell me that it is impossible.


drone 12-19-03 03:48 AM

720x576 is the "full" PAL resolution, so use that. You'll note PAL DVDs are always either 704x576 or 720x576.

Unless you're using VGA->Component cables, anything above 384 pixels horizontally exceeds the limit of SVideo and Composite connections, so there's no real gain in pushing for 768.

720x576 looks great to me on my PAL TV. Happy to post the mode line if you want.

JTorrance 12-19-03 04:38 AM


the modeline would be great thanks. but i always thought 768x576 would be the real PAL resolution. 720x576 doesn't have an aspect ratio of 4:3. actually it's no common aspect ratio. well however, i'll try 720 and see how it looks. thanks.


drone 12-19-03 05:40 PM

Picked this one up on the MythTV list (since that's what I wanted the TV output for):

Modeline "720x576_50p" 27.15 720 736 880 896 576 578 579 606 # 27 MHz, 30.3 kHz, 50.0 Hz

768x576 is true full PAL (CCIR 601 PAL), but doesn't seem to be commonly available on TV-out cards. Certainly the only valid resolutions of DVDs for PAL are: 720x576, 704x576, 352x576, 352x288, so I didn't see the value in using anything more than those (esp given the horizontal resolution loss over even svideo cables...)

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