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boxer 12-11-03 08:18 PM

texture "artifacts" in america's army
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i am getting some weird "artifacts" on the HUD and other textures in america's army and in unreal tournament 2003 demo. i have attached a picture illustrating what i'm talking about.
  • geforce4 mx 440
  • nvidia 4496 driver
  • linux kernel 2.4.18
note: the output of glxinfo reports all nvidia software (no mesa drivers)

LordMorgul 12-14-03 04:51 AM

Take a look at this, while it isn't obviously related it may have the same solution.


boxer 12-14-03 08:20 PM

the games find and load the GL libraries fine, however, certain textures get screwed up for some reason. btw, quake 3 arena and tuxracer work fine. the problem appears to be with ut engine-based games only.

boxer 12-23-03 12:24 AM

deprecated by nvidia driver release 1.0-5328

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