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IceBlade 12-13-03 11:48 PM

Linux Slackware 9.1
Im new to slackware and i belive it is a lot harder than any other linux.... I finally get it installed and now i cant get my internet to work and i need someone to step by step explain it so i can understand it.... i cant read guides to do it... i have to have someone personally tell me..... my AIM is pcgeek43505 if you want to help

Boldwyn 12-16-03 12:47 PM

Well, Slackware is not much harder... But that is my opinion and as such, you may think entirely other way :) But to the point:
If you are using 2.4 series kernel, what you have to do is very simple:
1) download nvidia drivers
2) unpack them
3) go into the drivers directory
4) type: make
5) type: make install
6) type: modprobe nvnet
and voila!
You may want to add '/sbin/modprobe nvnet' to your boot scripts (eg. rc.modules) so that network card driver module loads automatically.

The above also installs agp and sound support.

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