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Jim1 12-14-03 02:11 PM

'advanced' colour management like in windows
Can you get the same level of control over colour correction in linux as in windows?

For those who haven't seen it, with the latest windows drivers you have a in/out plot on which you can add any number of ponts at any position for each channel.

In the linux drivers (I've not installed yet) I've seen screenshots of what in the windows version would be called simple mode, but not the advanced mode.

Also, are the version numbers for the linux equivalent for the windows ones? I notice current win32 verson is at 53.03 but linux is 44.96, quite some way behind.

LordMorgul 12-14-03 04:09 PM

The version numbers aren't equivalent or really show features. There is some lag in features in the linux drivers tho, one being stable tv-out on most cards, and the advanced color control panels, and nView. If you look at this thread you will see the newest version, which has a color control panel (even on the older ones you can edit this all manually tho).

Beta Linux Drivers? (46.20)

Jim1 12-14-03 04:26 PM

Hmmm... maybe the linux guys at nv should pull a slackware and inflate the numbers a bit so linux seems ahead!

Are you talking about the second image in that thread? That colour correction's equivalent to the 'simple' mode in windows, where you can just set brightness, contrast and gamma for the three channels.

For the advanced in win32 you can plot any line you like, I use it because my monitor/ramdac tends to have a high black point, hiding darker details, but is then roughly linear so ramping up the gamma isn't ideal for the rest of the picture, and pushing up the brightness nudges the light bits over the white point.

This is sometimes a problem for FPS games with a lot of dark bits. I managed for a year without it in windows, but now I can fine-tune the settings I can't believe the difference a small but careful tweek makes. (shame I can't show it in a screenshot either)

Does this capability exist in the linux drivers, but not have a front end, or if I edit the variables manually is it just the same variables the GUI exposes? I suppose advanced mode is a quite new feature in win32 so it'll take a while to come to linux?

Btw, my monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 171s and vid card the older abit siluro ti4200, before they introduced silly cooling systems.

LordMorgul 12-14-03 07:43 PM

The ability to set the color by plotting the curve is not yet in linux drivers that I'm aware of, even without front-end. The simple control panel in the posted pics is what I was referring to by manually editing (this is all set by shell environment variables).

Jim1 12-17-03 07:34 PM

Interesting. I'm guessing windows doesn't have that capability built straight in, so for advanced color correction the driver bypasses windows to comunicate directly with the card.

Suppose it'll come to linux soon enough.

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