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Le_coyote 12-17-03 05:54 AM

Geforce 2 TI & linux mandrake 9.1
hello all,
i'm runnig mandrake 9.1 on Duron 1,1ghz, 128mb sdram and a geforce 2 ti 64mb.

i've downloaded the drivers for linux IA-32. i've successfully installed these drivers (i see nvidia logo before logging).
i have two problems : i can't get 1024*768, i must stay in 800*600. what's the problem ?

when i want to start tux racer, it starts but it crashes immediately :(
i think opengl is started because the vis plugins in xmms are too fast !

sorry for my english :rolleyes:

LordMorgul 12-17-03 05:11 PM

Post the output of the command 'glxinfo'. This verifies whether openGL is actually loaded and available with acceleration.

Have you added the 800x600 resolution to your config in /etc/X11/XF86Config? If you could post this file, and the /var/log/XFree86.0.log, the problem might be shown in them. You can attach these files to the post, better than pasting them in.

Le_coyote 12-20-03 05:57 AM

here are the links for the files...

before i had a sis6326 8mo and the same screen. i could run 1024*768 declaring a "Dell SuperVGA Colour" to Xfree. but when i bought geforce2, declaring the same screen, i can run only 800*600.
i have absolutely no more informations about my screen (15")


Le_coyote 12-23-03 05:47 AM

no ideas ?

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