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Adlain 12-17-03 06:04 PM

Driver issue with Mandrake 9.2
I have just installed my First Ever Linux system at home that i actually intend to use :D (I did have RH 8 but i found the lack of media Support and being unable to access my Windows partion annoying :P)

I have just been looking on the Driver Pages and i am getting Confused as to:[list=1][*]What driver to install[*]How to install it[/list=1]

Thx for any help :)

*edit - I have a 128 megDDR GeForce 4 MX 440 with TV out

vladimirjp 12-17-03 06:14 PM

i am a linux n00bie myself, but i know there are plenty of media app outhere for linux.

explain a bit more your issues then u will get better help...
what problems r u having with ur partition

Adlain 12-17-03 07:37 PM

DOH - i deleted the wrong part of the post .... :| (Serves me right for not proof reading :P)

Im Trying to install the Nvidia Drivers for my GeForce 4 MX 440 Graphics Card on MDrake 9.2 - i just donno what one to use and how to install it.

vladimirjp 12-17-03 08:12 PM



Adlain 12-18-03 11:53 AM

Nope - Still not working, it says that there is no pre-compiled Kernel thinngy and when it tryed to compile one for me it said the headers where not installed for my kernel....

Im Confused :confused:

SuLinUX 12-18-03 12:28 PM

Go get the kernel source for your kernel, from mandrakes site or look for it in where you add more software.

Warnax 12-18-03 01:18 PM

I have the same problem while installing. It says that header files thing (I'm a Linux n00b too). Where and how should I get thoses new kernels.?

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