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vladimirjp 12-17-03 06:12 PM

linux n00bi... openGL settings/quadro
hello guys. i use a quadro 750 xgl and i need to set the openGL to "alias/studio tools" like in windows. in windows it gives a drop down menu where u can choose ur application then it sets the openGL drivers accordingly. does anyone know how this can be accomplished on linux RH9
i know i probably have to configure the etc/x11/xf86config.... but how can i set it to specifically run for maya. i know this is possible, since this is the norm for windows operating pc... it lets u choose what app u use then uses preset settings for that perticular app.:confused:
thanx all

LordMorgul 12-18-03 06:57 PM

I'm not familiar with Maya in WIndows, however I have used 4.5 in Linux and no special configuration was necessary for the application to utilize the nVidia GLX. You do need to install the nVidia driver for accelerated GLX, then just install Maya. If you can be more specific about what kind of settings you wish to change or the effect of doing so, I might have an idea what it is you're after.

vladimirjp 12-19-03 12:22 AM

well, i recently dwnld the bonus tools from alias the other night (dunno if u r familiar with the bonus tools series but they r gr8)
so i tried to use the "draw split" tool `it simply splits a polygonal object in the shape of a drawn curve on the surface. which is very great for edge loops etc, but when i use it it simply does not work and it gives me a bunch of drawn line on my maya scree, yet the path of the drawn curve exists (along with a bunch of arbitrary curves drawn on my screen), i'm thinking it's a display problem. because i have tried this tool in windows and it works just fine on my promitive p4 1.6ghz laptop with an old mobile radeon with 32mb or ram.
all other tools work fine, except for the draw split operation.
i hope u can help me.:confused: :confused: :angel:
thanx again

LordMorgul 12-19-03 01:45 AM

Do you have the nvidia driver openGL extensions installed / functioning? Which version are you using? If you point me to where to acquire the tools (provided I'm allowed to of course, I don't have current license) I'll try it and let you know if it works for me or not, I haven't used them before.

What version of glibc is your machine using?

vladimirjp 12-19-03 11:32 PM

i have the newest nvidia drivers installed. here is the link for the tools for maya::

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