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mickeyboa 12-17-03 06:24 PM

GeforceFX 5200 Install Problems
Cannot get GeForceFX 5200 to work with NVIDIA-1.0-4496 , and I have heard that this
Version is buggy and to use 1.0-4363 earlier version.
Trying to get it to run on a Dell Inspiron8600 WXGA LCD and Fedora core1 Linux.
Also when I do a lspci -n I get a Dev. ID 324 on this 5200 card, the 1.0-4496
README file said only ID# 321,322 are compatible with the latest driver.
I can run the 5200 with the "vesa" driver, works fine.
Anyone, can fill me in on the straight scoop about this card.
If I run 1.0-4996 and "nvidia" driver, X gives me a screen that is half blue on
left side and half black on right side and locks up the laptop and I have to hit the
power down button to get it out of this mode.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jim Tate

LordMorgul 12-17-03 06:32 PM

It should work using the X builtin 'nv' driver as well, and probably better than vesa. For accelerated drivers however I'd suggest trying the 46.20 driver (FX cards seem to be much better supported by this version)
Beta Linux Drivers? (46.20)

If you post the config file in use, and your X log, any possible configuration problems you might have could be corrected as well.

tjo 12-17-03 07:26 PM

Inspirion 8600 FX5200/WXGA is working / SBA status question
I also could not get my Dell Inspiron 8600 FX5200/WXGA working
with either 4496 or 4363 version of nvidia drivers.
I finally located and tried the beta 4620 and it worked like a charm.
(And the nvidia-settings app is swell.)
I'll post my XF86Config if anyone needs it.

/proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status shows SBA and Fast Writes are
disabled. Is this a good thing? Can I change it? What should I
expect when I do?

Assorted info:
Dell Inspiron 8600/Pentium M
Nvidia GeForce 5200 Go 64Mb AGP4
RedHat 9.0
glxgears 1990.29 fps


mickeyboa 12-17-03 07:34 PM

The 46.20 beta drivers did the job, Thanks very much.
I can only get a resolution of 800x600,millions of colors.
I'am attaching my XF86Config file , can you give me some
pointers on getting higher resolution.
I can't copy and paste the XF86Config file into this message, Why not?

Thank very much
Jim Tate

LordMorgul 12-18-03 05:28 AM

Add the filename into the 'Attach file:' textfield directly below the post, or use the browse button, this will upload the file without having to paste it in, its also much cleaner to read the post that way.

Copy / Paste works differently in X than windows for many apps, if you select the text, then middle click your mouse where you want it to end up, you'll get the copy / paste with almost any X app.

tjo 12-18-03 01:52 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is the XF86Config file for the 46.20 driver
on my Inspiron 8600/GeForce 5200Go/WXGA LCD
This tarball also contains a XF86Config that uses
the vesa driver, which I had to use until I
got the 46.20 driver going.

The file is a gzipped tar file, but I had to
use the .zip extension because this board
has some (rather odd) demands for file extensions.


mickeyboa 12-18-03 04:31 PM

tjo how do you unzip and extract in linux?
If I try to extract it , it say's no files in archive
mickeyboa@comcast.net, could you send to my email address.
I'm having problems with getting any resolution above 800x600
and I would like to see the file.
Thanks very much
Jim Tate

LordMorgul 12-19-03 02:08 AM

Save the file.
tar -zxf xf86config.tar.zip

mickeyboa 12-19-03 04:49 AM

The XF86Config.nvidia worked great but I have now got a big horzonial deflection
problem ,I i tryed to lower the settings to 31.5-90.0 ,but that doesnt make any
difference the screen to the right goes off the viewing area, if I move the mouse to
the right side of screen , it will pull the display to far to the left and then you can't
see the icons.
The vertical deflection is off ,the width of tool bar at bottom of screen.
Is there a way on the Dell Inspiron8600 to adust the hoz. and vert. deflection
like you do on a PC monitor?
I do like the adustments I can make on resolution, Thanks.

Jim Tate

mickeyboa 12-19-03 06:40 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I'm having problems with the desktop being to wide ,horzonial deflection
If I move the mouse to right of desktop it will shift to the left , but then I can't
see the icons on left of desktop. the verticle deflection is off by width of tool bar
at bottom.
I'm usin the new nvidia driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4620-pkg1.run
on GeForceFX-5200 Dell Inspiron8600 WXGA
I have attached the XF86Config, could someone give me some pointers
on how to this problem correct

LordMorgul 01-04-04 01:10 PM

I don't know LCD setups, but your problem sounds like it is caused by your screen resolution (for the LCD) being smaller than the virtual desktop resolution (for the X server). This will create some scrollable space on the desktop, you can scroll left and right with your mouse on the 'virtual desktop' that is too large for your LCD.

To fix this you might have to force your virtual desktop resolution to match whatever resolution you're getting with the WXGA LCD. The X server has a variable in the config for setting the virtual desktop size. It is:

Virtual xsize ysize
see the man page for XF86Config, in the Display subsection:
man XF86Config

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