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wysiwyg 09-26-02 09:57 AM

poor 3Dmark score
i have just upgraded my CPU and ram.

i now have the following-

Athlon thouroughbred 2.2

2x 128mb 2100 ddr

1x 256mb 2700 ddr

SOYO KT333 Ultra mobo (latest bios and via drivers)

SB Live 5.1

Leadtek TI4400 (latest drivers)

im only getting a score of about 8500 3D marks. i was expecting about 10,000.

im puzzled :confused:

any ideas guys?

when i had my Athlon 1.4 in and no 2700 memory in i had a score of approx 7500 so its not that much of a leap :(

FastM 09-26-02 11:40 AM

What OS are u using.

make sure any AA or AF is disabled.

If you have been messing alot with AA and AF then i recommend re-installing the Video Card Drivers. I recommend the 31.42's for now until the next revision of the Det4's come out.

If your on Win98 or something maybe you need the Via 4in1's. But if you using XP you shouldn't do any via updates, the native Via drivers in XP are still the fastest. (and most stable)

Your right about your score, you should be getting 10,000.

I score 9470 with my system, with no overclocking.

wysiwyg 09-26-02 11:44 AM

im using XP home with service pack 1

and i have Quinsunx enables plus x2 anis

saturnotaku 09-26-02 12:47 PM


Originally posted by wysiwyg
and i have Quinsunx enables plus x2 anis
Then you just answered your own question. Scores you see of 10,000+ are taken without using any FSAA or aniso. Enabling those particular options and your score sounds about right.

john19055 09-27-02 04:25 AM

Why are you useing two different types of memory,that one stick of 256 2700 should be plenty if you are just gameing,You should be getting close to 11000 with that system.but with Quincunx and 2x aniso enable that probally right.

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