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lino76 12-18-03 07:07 PM

Recent drivers and VT switch
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My configuration is:

- video card: GeForce4 420 Go
- driver version: 1.0-4363
- distribution: Debian
- video bios revision:
- processor: mobile AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+
- motherboard model: VIA82C686, on a Sony Vaio FR 102 notebook.

The problem: the version 4363 of the driver runs fine, while if I try to upgrade to 4496 or 4620 I'm not able to switch to VT's using Ctrl+Alt+F1,F2,...,F6. In particular, when I switch to a VT, I get a completely black screen. The computer doesn't lookups, and I'm able to switch back to X11 with Ctrl+Alt+F7 without problems.

Using driver 4363 with kernel 2.4.23 was not a problem, but now I'd like to upgrade to 2.6.0, and AFAIK I'm forced to use the 4620 driver. I need to switch from VT to X11 often, so this bug prevents the whole upgrade.

Please, help me, this is a serious problem here.

Thanks, Pasquale

3 files attached: XF86Config-4, XFree86.0.log.4363.log and XFree86.0.log.4620.log

lino76 12-18-03 07:09 PM

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.. the other log

lino76 12-18-03 07:10 PM

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...and XF86Config-4.

grahamdrew 12-18-03 07:24 PM

Are you using a framebuffer device for your virtual terminals? I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but the nVidia driver doesn't seem to play well with framebuffers and console switching. If you are, I'd suggest recompiling your kernel and removing framebuffer support alltogether.

lino76 12-18-03 07:27 PM

No, I'm not using FB, just text mode.

lino76 12-19-03 11:39 AM

Hey guys, I *NEED* to fix this, any suggestion is welcome!

svsleaves 12-29-03 06:32 AM

To fix your problem sell NVidia card and buy ATI.
I tired from problems with cards from this company.

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