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tonyb 12-18-03 07:51 PM

New ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe
Hello all,
OK, I have read the posts here and anywhere else I could find info about this board. It seems the newer boards have most of the problems fixed either by passing the kernel 'acpi=off noapic' and/or updating the Bios, and using the newest nForce files. I might use my SBLive and maybe the onboard 3com nic, with a FX 5600 video card and the usual other stuff in the way of drives, burners etc. My SBLive works with the new emu10k1 driver and emu-tools package on my current system. I managed to get 4 speakers to work (middle speaker=no) and it sounds very good!

Question(s) about the ASUS board:
What is the SoundStorm/Dolby Digital chip on this board? Does ALSA support it out of the box(4 or 5 speakers)? On nVidias site they have a demo, nice, I don't use winblows or have directx8. Will we have all/some of the tools XP has? OR should I use the SBLIVE?

Do the NICs work out of the box?

My Mdk Powerpack 9.2 arrived yesterday, probably after the first of the year I should have all the parts I need.

Thanks for any info concerning this board...

hcarty 12-18-03 10:43 PM

That's a very similar setup to what I have here. I have the A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 2 board, athlon xp 2600+, and an MSI fx 5600 card.

For Mandrake, I've found that you have to pass the kernel the options 'nolapic noapic' to keep the machine stable, or you can just disable apic in BIOS. Disabling the BIOS option seems to work better. Without disabling APIC in either BIOS or kernel parameters, the system will lock up during at all heavy disk activity. Install seems to work ok without disabling anything though, and other distros work without disabling apic (Debian and Fedora), so I think it may be some patch Mandrake uses (or doesn't use).

The onboard sound is (supposedly) supported out of the box via ALSA. However, I haven't tried anything that uses more than 4 speakers of the 5.1 I have, and there is a LOT of static for some reason. I'm not sure where to look for fixes on that. If you find any solutions, please post!

There is a 3com-based nic, and some other one... the 3com nic works out of the box with 9.2 for me, the other will probably work with the NVIDIA drivers, but I only have a use for the one at the moment.

If I could get the sound issue dealt with, I'd be elated...this setup is very nice. If the SBLive works properly, I could just go and get one to use rather than the onboard sound, but it works so well under windows, I'd rather be able to take advantage of it under an OS that I enjoy using :-)

Good luck with the new system!


tonyb 12-19-03 06:39 AM

Thanks for the reply Hez.

I read somewhere that using shielded cable from the CD to the sound card may help the static, or move the wires around inside away from fans etc. I have read Winxx gets the sound from the drive connector not the 2/3 wire connector. This may work or ?, if it does pass it along.

Thanks for the info on the board...

hcarty 12-19-03 10:56 AM


I've had the system running a cooker test install that Mandrake released for ~18 hours now. It's kernel 2.6.0 based, and with APIC enabled in bios but disabled in kernel parameters ('nolapic noapic') it seems to be ok.

I asked around on IRC about the sound issue, and someone suggested turning the mixer settings down a bit... I set everything to about 80%, and the static is at least much lower, if not gone.

Thanks for the wiring tips, I'll have to dig around inside my computer a bit to see if I do have some wires going where they shouldn't.


tonyb 12-19-03 11:07 AM

Good idea about turning down the sound on the mixer and adjust it via xmms or whatever u use. I noticed on mine if the volume is to high on aumix, it will hiss at me...
After my new system is built and if unstable w/mdk9.2, I may try building a new kernel w/2.6. Never had to before, I quess there is a first time for everything.....

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