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bizna 12-19-03 04:02 AM

legends game has GL problems
it seems that there is a problem with the new nvidia 4496 drivers.
legends can't load GL with the following message:

Unable to initialize OpenGL. (Error: No dinamic GL support in video driver)

there's a lot of hassle around this issue, when one gamer solved the problem by installing the "ultra old drivers: version 3123".

that doesn't strike me as a real solution. is there a way of solving this issue by the definitions?

mandrake 9.2 with gforce2 on a toshiba satellite 2805-s803.


TheOneKEA 12-19-03 04:20 AM

Does it give any other errors? Does anything appear in the X logfile? Does anything appear in the system logs?

bizna 12-19-03 04:28 AM

all is well in the logs, except of the following errors:

(WW) NVIDIA(0): Not using mode "576x384":
(WW) NVIDIA(0): horizontal sync start (589) not a multiple of 8

doesn't strike me as a source to the problem.
i'd give you my XF86Config-4 and XFree86.0.log, but i wouldn't want to clutter the thread.
plus, the other system logs contain no entry even close to the problem's time.

TheOneKEA 12-19-03 05:10 AM


Have you been able to find anyone else suffering from this problem? Have you tried the 46.20 beta drivers?

bizna 12-19-03 05:31 AM

installed the 46.20 drivers. no good.

i could try to install the 3123 old drivers, it seems to me like taking a HUGE leap back, in order to play a single game.


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