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steve41412895 12-19-03 05:17 AM

Athlon/KT6 Delta doesn't like my TNT2 Ultra
The subject says it all really...

I recently upgraded my CPU, mobo and RAM. I went from a celeron 566A/256MB PC133/Some gigabyte mobo to AMD Athlon 2600+/512MB Kingston DDR400/KT6 Delta. My nVidia TNT2 Ultra was working just fine with the old configuration, but doesn't like the new bits and pieces. I can't afford a new video card for a while, so I'm keen to get my old one working for a bit longer.

The card works just fine in 2D. It worked fine when I tested it with a Direct3D demo I wrote without textures (just some simple flat shading). However, when I try to run any 3D accelerated software with textures, everything is rendered incorrectly or not at all. When I say incorrectly, I mean stuff like wrong scaling, polygons not joined together when they should be. And when I say not at all, I mean either big grey or black areas are shown. On top of that, the framerate is about 0.1 fps! Yes, that's six frames per minute!

The TNT2 behaves like this 100% of the time, any OS (XP/Redhat 9), any API (OpenGL/DirectX).

Edit: I have the latest drivers for both XP and Linux.

saturnotaku 12-19-03 07:27 AM

Have you tried older drivers? Try the 29.42 dets for XP (not sure about Linux).

Also, it could very well be an AGP problem in that your card needs more voltage than your AGP slot can provide. Modern motherboards haven't been designed to run AGP 1/2x cards. Try downloading RivaTuner and see if you can force the card to run at AGP 1x or 2x. If not, start saving your money and pick up a GeForce4 Ti4200 for $70.

gstanford 12-19-03 08:21 AM

You have installed the latest drivers for your motherboard chipset? In your case, VIA hyperion

If you run DXDIAG.exe from the run prompt, does it say AGP texture acceleration is disabled on the display page? Can you enable it? If you can't enable it, you haven't installed your motherboard drivers.

steve41412895 12-19-03 08:50 AM

Thank you.
Thanks for the info. After checking around the place for voltage info, I think (but still not sure) that my video card needs 3.3V. One site even said it sucks down 3.3A! My BIOS only lets me crank up the voltage to 2.1V.

Thank you also. I ran dxdiag and it says AGP texture acceleration is enabled. I already have the latest mobo drivers/bios. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

I just have to accept that I can't get textures until i upgrade my video card. I plan to do that anyway. It's just annoying in the meantime. I could try to perform a hardware mod, but i don't want to risk frying my mainboard for something that's almost pointless.

gstanford 12-19-03 05:14 PM

I'm suprised your card would even fit in the AGP slot if it is truly only AGP 2x. Older cards are keyed so you can't insert them into newer boards.

My old TNT-2 is a Diamond Viper 770 and it has a couple of jumpers onboard that allow you to set either AGP 2x or AGP 4x operation. It may be worth checking to see if your card can do the same (but I don't think this was a standard feature on TNT-2's).

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