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acreal 12-19-03 12:11 PM

Twinview config

First of all, i apologize for my bad english... :angel2:

I would like to use my second display as a virtual desktop clone (so i would be able to watch a movie on my tv while i'm working on another virtual desktop on my box...).

Unfortunately, i coulnd't find the right way to configure it... I only see 2 ways to use twinview, one as a clone (but switching display as i switch desktop) and one as a second screen expanding the desktop on several orientation.

Am i missing something ? Is there another way to do that ?

Thanks for any comments.

splinter 12-20-03 12:43 PM


I don't think there's any way to get a seperate virtual desktop on your second monitor (which what I think you want).

This was the first thing I thought of too when I got another monitor but when I thought about it a bit more I realised that it's rather poinless (for me at least). I don't know about KDE but if you're using gnome then the panel only streches through one monitor (so you can have another panel in the other if you want) so I figure since that's the only thing distinguishing having seperate monitors to having seperate desktops, it's virtually the same thing (pun intended ;)

Think about it, two monitors is just as good as a seperate virtual desktop since windows will (in Gnome) behave in one monitor as if it was a seperate virtual desktop and not for example stretch accross both when you maximise them. Even better, you can "edge flip" between monitors as you would between virtual desktops except this way you can see where you're going.

acreal 12-21-03 08:44 AM

X takes his time...
Yes, my big problem is the maximisation and, unfortunetaly for me, i'm running fluxbox and it streches through both screens. Maybe it will be fix in further versions, i saw there was a problem with xinerama too...

And for the records ;) i don't like kde much and only see gnome on a 19" or 21" screen, which i don't

Well, i hope i'm not forking this thread too much but i installed the nvidia drivers on a friend's box yesterday, and now the xserver takes a while to startx. For both screens, it takes more than 7 minutes !! (for the "nvidia one" alone, more than 5 !) I tried with and w/o agpart/NvAGP, and none of it changed anything. This append since i installed the drivers... This doesn't hurt anyone but it's quite annoying. ;)

Did you ever heard of such thing ?

rednuht 01-09-04 07:10 AM

re your original query
I run KDE on twinview on a single 2560x960 desktop and although I can manualy resize windows to take up the whole desktop most applications with fullscreen mode only use the active screen (where the mouse is).
So I can watch DVDs fullscreen in XINE on either monitor and still work on the other half of the desktop.

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