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rockhard1972 12-19-03 09:57 PM

Nvidia AC97 sound - Any howto's available?
I've been g@@gle'in around looking for specific info on how to setup the AC97 version of the Nforce2 sound under Linux but all I find info on is the Soundstorm version using the i810_audio module.
I managed to get it working under a 2.4.22 kernel just by installing the NV system drivers from the 2.61 driver package.
This works but i get insmod errors relating to trying to modprobe the Soundstorm setup which is not there on my A7N8X (non-deluxe).
Now i'm running a 2.4.23 kernel i am unable to get this package to install and the newer 2.69 version on NVidia's ftp won't work either.
Have Nvidia forgotten support for the AC97 board owners?

Any help be gratefully received,


serialdave 12-27-03 03:57 PM

What motherboard and what distribution are you using?

rockhard1972 12-27-03 04:30 PM


I found the problem in the end was that i needed to download the full driver packge for alsa and install then run a script all as per the instructions that came in the tarball and then alsaconf found my card and set everything up for me :)
Was a bit puzzled though why the Slackware 9.1 install from the CD was missing my card.
Oh well, working in the end :)
Thanks for showing interest in my problem.

Warm Regards,


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