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serialdave 12-19-03 11:52 PM

Has anyone had success with Mandrake 9.2 and nforce 2 ??
I currently have an 850 p3 with 256 meg and a voodoo 3 running Mandrake 9.2 and everything is great. I have a Shuttle AN35N 400 and 256 meg ddr and will soon be getting an athlon 2000+ to upgrade this system. I would like to stick with 9.2 but have tried it at work other nforce 2 motherboards with no luck for audio or network.

Has anyone had any luck with Mandrake 9.2 and the Nforce 2?

If so any tips would be appreciated.

Predator 12-21-03 10:53 PM

Mine Works
I'm running Mandrake 9.2 on a MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR. To get it to work, you must first go download the Mandrake 9.2 source. For some reason the installer needs to read from it, and it is not included on the cd isos. Anyway, we downloaded and installed the source, then the Nvidia Nforce 2 platform drivers installed like a charm. Then run harddrake to make sure everthing is setup up properly and how you like it, and your good to go. Hope this helps.

Kjelland 12-22-03 08:22 AM

I am also running Mandrake 9.2, i have downloaded the Source-rpm and
installed it, but the installer still dont work says i have either the wrong
source or the wrong path ! Did you do anything else then installing the source ?

Regards Kjell

serialdave 12-22-03 10:25 AM

Where did you get the kernel source from?

cyber Fry 12-22-03 01:32 PM


after RedHat works well i try to get MDK 9.2 running. I have the same probs. My kernel-source is installed from ftp://ftp.de.uu.net/pub/linux/mandra...Mandrake/RPMS/

After i get the driver from nvida page, i installed the tar archive. no errors occur.

I cant locate the module by modprobe -l | grep nv
lsmod, also dont show this module

whats wrong there?

Kjelland 12-23-03 01:17 AM


Originally posted by serialdave
Where did you get the kernel source from?
I got it from the www.sunet.se mirror of www.mandrakelinux.com
"ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distributions/mandrake/9.2/i586/Mandrake/RPMS/ "as an RPM-pakage.
I have done the whole installation twice and downloaded the source twice as well !
Hmmm when i looked now the downloadable kernel is named
and the downloadable source is named
Could this be whats wrong ? but on the other hand my system reports
from uname -r the same name as the source.

Anybody got a clue ?

NeoXP 12-23-03 02:15 PM

On this thread you can read how I managed.

Good luck!


serialdave 12-24-03 01:05 PM

I manage4d to download the source rpm and install on my system. Then I downloaded the source rpm from nvidia and managed to build an rpm with no errrors.

I have the motherboard memmory and am waiting on Santa to bring the processor. I will use a fresh install of 9.2 then add the updates then try once again to install the source kernel and build the nvidia rpm package then I will also be able to try installing that rpm package.

Good thing I get time off around Christmas :)

serialdave 12-25-03 05:12 PM

So far so good. Removed a Shuttle AN35N 400 from my main xp game rig.
Installed the leadtek K7NCR18 PRo and got that box back to running.

Installed a FX 5600 into one of my sons PC's and got that and a new hardrive up in his box.

Put the Shuttle the 2000+ and the geforce 2 gts that came out of my sons rig into the linux box. Did a fresh install of Mandrake 9.2.

Installed the Kernal source4s and then did the rpm --rebuild for the nforce sources than anrpm -ivh and rebooted

Sound and network are working :)

NeoXP 12-27-03 12:02 PM


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