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Jackattack511 12-20-03 08:12 PM

What do you do if you screw up your boot loader
Thankfully I can still access my windows hard drive, but my linux one is another story. I was trying to get suse 9.0 to recconize my other hard drive and give me the option of booting from it. It would have been there, but I removed the hard drive, just to be sure I didn't accidently format it in the process of installing linux. I go into the YaST configurator and in to the boot loader options and fiddle around a little bit, and let me tell you I wish I would have just stayed away.

Now when I boot i get to grub, but when I click on linux (to boot to it) it gives me an error. I can go to the command line of grub or edit the command there already, but what ever I try I come up with nothing. If I could just get back into linux I can restore everything to what it was. Do you need more information, or do you guys have any Ideas. Thanks in advance. It pisses me off becuase I just got the nvidia drivers working today, and now I screw it up again.

TheOneKEA 12-21-03 06:41 AM

Please give details about your entire hard disk layout - it sounds like you've got GRUB and Win32 living on one hard disk and SuSE 9 living on another hard disk, and after you added a third hard disk you fUx0r3d the boot loader and can't boot SuSE anymore. The most likely thing is that GRUB is looking in the wrong place.

SuLinUX 12-21-03 08:55 AM

It's ok he's sorted it at Linuxforum.

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