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duraid 12-21-03 03:30 AM

is anyone using glibc "2.3.3" and the nvidia drivers OK?
Hi all,

Can someone out there confirm if they're using a (very) recent glibc (source dated november 2003 or later, so the version should be something like "2.3.3" or higher), as well as an nvidia driver, and that openGL works 100%? (you need to try something that uses textures, perhaps a game or whatever else you have, not just 'glxgears')

If it does work, can you please tell me/post with:

-version of glibc
-version of nvidia driver you're using
-your platform (x86, ia64, amd64)

I've run into what appears to be a bug in the nvidia driver (i'm using 44.31 on ia64), but it's only exposed on newer linux systems - most "stable" distros have old enough code that the driver works perfectly.

thanks in advance...

r3pek 12-21-03 05:36 AM

mine work fine

glibc 2.3.3_pre20031212
nvidia 4496

TheOneKEA 12-21-03 06:37 AM

I think he's more concerned about non-x86 arches, specifically ia64.


duraid 12-21-03 06:53 AM

Well I was wondering more about IA64 and AMD64, yeah.. but glad to know at least all is well in x86-land (so thanks for the post r3pek) :afro2:

r3pek 12-21-03 07:19 AM

i thougth the same but i post it anyway for some one with the same problem on x86 archs.

Forge 12-22-03 08:52 AM


No better or worse than 2.3.2. The AMD64 driver is too buggy to determine if glibc is having problems, though 3D apps (even those with textures) seem to work, at least as often as they did with 2.3.2.

duraid 12-22-03 02:49 PM

OK thanks guys, looks like this is an ia64 specific problem, I'll tell the NV guys that. In the meantime, gotta stick with libc 2.3.2!

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