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Smokey 12-21-03 12:50 PM

BFast ?
The last couple of days, my homepage (nvnews) seems to be slow loading, I notice that its loading info from bfast.com or something. I did a quick search on google and turned up that this is part of valueclick? If you are going to use this service, any chance you could have it load the front page quicker :p Im talking like 15-20 secs to load the front page.

vampireuk 12-21-03 12:57 PM

I'm not sure if it will be Bfast, although the mainpage does take a long time to load for me too, around 17 seconds I just counted:eek:

MikeC 12-21-03 02:39 PM

bfast is the service that tracks the statistics for the DealTime ads.

The slow response was caused by the Alexa statistics button that was on the main page. I've temporarily removed it since they seem to be down.

Smokey 12-22-03 10:36 AM

Tnx :)

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